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2018 Plenary Schedule

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2018 TSC Conference -

News Release 12/12/17



Special Activities Include:

Early Morning Meditation

with Deepak Chopra

Friday, April 6, 2018

7:00-8:00 am - Kiva Ballroom

Dinner and Show

Thursday April 5 (7:00-10:00)  - Kiva

Dinner and Show with Cirque Root

advance reservations needed via online system $75 pp

Cirque Roots of Tucson will be performing "EXIST"

$75 pp


link to Cirque Root Bios


Film Screening

Catalina Ballroom

Thursday, April 5

5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Poetry Slam

zOmBiE bLuEs

Friday April 6 (10:00-midnight)

Michael P. & The Gully Washers    

Good Thing~~

Loews Ventana Canyon

Kiva Ballroom 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm

The End of Consciousness Party

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Loews Ventana Canyon

Kiva Ballroom 8:30 pm- xxx

Michael P. and the Gully Washers    

Z - BLUES with  Michael P. & The Gully Washers    

Poetry Slam/Zombie Blues

(pertinent or otherwise) on stage on any topic related to consciousness or

their own verses of the Zombie Blues - The audience is encouraged to be rowdy and jeering. 




Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday and Tuesday, April 2 and 3, 2018

No charge for TSC Conference registrants

Non-conference registrants: $50 per workshop

quick view / Workshops and Presenter Bios

Monday April 2 (9:00-1:00) 

Monday April 2 (2:00-6:00)


Tuesday April 3 (morning only) (9:00-12:30)


Daily Wellness at TSC 2018

Yoga - Meditation - Sound Therapy

April 2- 7

Link to Schedule/Bios/Rooms

- subject to changes

Conference Registration & Payment System-closed

Thurs Dinner/Show:  $75 optional

Registration includes:

Blank Registration Form.pdf        

The TSC Abstract Submission System is now closed.  

Exhibitors/Publishers, Booksellers, Organizations

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The Science of CONSCIOUSNESS - TSC 2018

Program Outline by Session

Pre-Con Workshops:

Conference Opening:  

Workshops - continued half day -

Opening Reception:

Plenary Sessions:

Concurrent Sessions:

Poster - Art - Demos and Exhibits:

Film Screening:

Thursday April 5

5:00-6:15 pm


Optional Dinner:

Early Morning Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Poetry Slam/Talent Show/Zombie Blues: 

End of Consciousness Party:  

Daily Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy

2018 Program Chairs

Thomas G. Bever | Mary A. Peterson |

George Mashour | David Chalmers | Harald Atmanspacher |

Paavo Pykllanen| Jay Sanguinetti | Vishal Sahni |




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CONTINUE TO ARCHIVES-conferences and meetings.


2017     Plenary Session Videos from San Diego

2016     Plenary Session Videos from Tucson

2017     Noam Chomsky, Hartmut Neven, Roger Penrose and more   

2017     Deepak Chopra - How We Create the Human Universe

2017     Integrated DEI East-West Forum Vision Talk Prof. PS Satsangi

2017     Conference Photos

i tunes  

you tube

2017 Videos from TSC 2017 San Diego

2017 Plenary Session Videos

Updated Program     (Program Updates June 1, 2017)

Final Book of Abstracts    (Abstracts, Program Book May 12. 2017)

Consciousness Central


1. Deepak Chopra - How We Create the Human Universe

2. Integrated DEI East-West Forum

3. TSC 2017 Vision Talk Prof. PS Satsangi

2017 Conference Photos - A Collection of Daily Folders 






2017 Publications/Videos

Consciousness Depends on tubulin vibrations inside neurons anesthesia study suggests

press release: September 6

East West, The Middle West, Dialogue with the Dalai Lama

Journal of Consciousness Studies,

Greg Nixon, The Legacy, Conference Report, Science of Consciousness, La Jolla 2017


The Strange Link Between the Human Mind and Physics,

BBC by Philip Ball, February 16, 2017


14: "Consciousness in the Universe: An Updated Review of the "Orch OR" Theory," in Biophysics of Consciousness: A Foundational Approach, eds. Roman R. Poznanski, Jack A Tuszynski, Todd E Feinberg, World Scientific, 2016

Change the Music - Psychotherapy and Brain Vibrations,

The Neuropsychotherapist, Vol 4,4, April 2016

Consciousness: Integrating Eastern and Western Perspectives


2016 - TSC  Tucson

Consciousness Chronicles

Consciousness Central TV

The Deeper You Go: The Interviews


D. Chalmers, D. Chopra


"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 1
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 2
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 3
"Dispatch from the Desert of Consciousness Research" Part 4 

by John Horgan 



2016 Plenary Bios 

2016 TSC "The Science of Consciousness" - Book of Abstracts and Program

2016 Plenary Videos (youtube)  

2016 Plenary Videos (iTunes)   

2016 TSC 2016 Feature for 2016 TSC Tucson 

2016 Consciousness Chronicles-Videos

2016 Consciousness Central - The Daily Show from TSC Tucson

2016 Consciousness Central 2016 Tucson

         Consciousness Chronicles

Conference Trailer - Video

YouTube-2016 Plenary Videos

Program Book Final Version 2016

Conference Flyer PDF-Final

Conference Release 1

Conference Flyer 2

Registration Brochure/Order Form and Cancellation Policy

JPEG artwork-flyer 


Tucson Conferences

CONTINUE TO ARCHIVES-conferences and meetings.



GOOGLE says It Has Proved Its Controversial Quantum

Computer Really Works, MIT Technology Review, 12/8/2015

Anesthetics Act in Quantum Channels in Brain Microtubules to Prevent Consciousness, Travis Craddock, Stuart Hameroff, Ahmed Ayoub, Mariusz Klobukowski and Jack Tuszynski, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2015, 15, 523-533 pdf


Stuart Hameroff, Harald Atmanspacher, Collegium Helveticum - ETH Zurich University 2/22/16Video Link

INTERALIA Magazine, Is Your Brain Really a Computer or is it a Quantum Orchestra tuned to the universe? - with a historical review of the Tucson Conferences, Stuart Hameroff

Stuart Hameroff Headshot

S. Hameroff, Huffington Post, 6/2/15,

Darwin Versus Deepak, Which Came First, Feelings or the Brain?

Why Can't The World's Greatest Minds Solve the Mystery of Consciousness?

by Oliver Burkeman, January 21, 2015

The Guardian Audio - Long Read 30:37

Deep inside cells, a clue to the mind -

Indian physicists have discovered what they say are possible

signatures of a hidden information processing network in all living cells,

predicted by other scientists decades ago as a key to deciphering biological

mysteries including consciousness.

Brain hierarchy leads inward to quantum channels where anesthetics act to prevent consciousness


Death in A Quantum Space

Japan Wired Magazine


highlights 2014 


Organized & Hosted by the Center for Consciousness Studies


2014  It was 20 Years Ago Today -

A short film early clips and

2014 - Penrose Awarded Bhaumik Prize 


 VIDEO - TSC 2014

Center for Consciousness Studies

2014 Plenary Sessions via iTunes

Consciousness Central TV Daily Roundup

The Deeper You Go: The Interviews

20th Anniversary Poster, D. Cantrell BioMed, AHSC,UMC  



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TSC 2016 History Slide Show.mp4