Instructions for Poster Presenters

Poster Sessions have been renumbered for indexing in the abstract book


(Formerly) Poster Session 1, Wednesday, April 5, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

now consists of Poster Sessions 1-6 (P1-P6)


(Formerly) Poster Session 2, Friday, April 7, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

now consists of Poster Sessions 7-12 (P7-P12)


All Poster Sessions will remain in TCC Meeting Rooms Gila-Coconino-Cochise



Wednesday April 5, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

TCC Meeting Rooms Gila-Coconino-Cochise


Poster Session 1 (Philosophy)

Michael Bruno

Monitoring Theories of Consciousness and Introspective Richness

Brian Fiala

Phenomenal Unity, Mereology, and the Individuation of Experience

Chia-hsin Ko 

A New Approach to the Problem of Other Minds

Chien-Hui Chiu

The significance of phenomenal consciousness: Why blindsight and neglect syndromes cannot undermine the function of phenomenal consciousness

Gabriel Mograbi

Emergent Properties And Decision-Making: A Critique of Libet’s Account of “Free Will”

Colin Hales

Empirically testing the mind-brain identity theorem, a route to a kind of new science

Justin Fisher

Color Representations as Hash Values

Kristin Schaupp

Conceivability Reconsidered: On Limiting the Power of Zombies

Aaron Nitzkin

Phenomenology, knowledge, cognition, and the function of consciousness

Nicholas Georgalis

Subjectivists and Objectivists on Secondary Qualities: A Pseudo-Dispute

John Lin

The mechanical implementation of consciousness

Valerie Stansfield

Concepts of the Self

Jennifer Matey

The 'Mind': Three Problems it Cannot Account For

Joe Marchal

Z-Counselors: Consciousness, Counseling, Empathy and Emotions

Peng Chien

The Case Against Alva Noë’s Sensorimotor Approach --- Our Visual World is Truly a Grand Illusion

Charles Tart

A Future for Dualism as an Empirical Science?

Stephen Deiss

Why the natural world does not work without qualia and consciousness of them 

Ta Lun Huang

The Significance of Emotion: A Defense of Phenomenalism Against Representationalism

Yoshifumi Ikejiri

Perceptual consciousness is more than the head?

Stephen Bostock

Do insects see or ‘see’? A significant issue for the evolution of consciousness 

Andrew Brook

The Representational Base of Consciousness

 Diana Gasparian

A few words about the type of relations between mind and body  



Poster Session 2 (Neuroscience)

Anthony Hudetz

The Anesthetized Unconscious: A State With Consicous But Forgotten Contents?

Eduard Alto

Visual Constancy and the Properties of Receptive Fields

Joel Alexander

Increased P300 Event Related Potential Amplitude During Self Evaluation Task: A Replication

Walter Riofrio

Different Neurons Population Distribution correlates with Topologic-Temporal Dynamic Acoustic Information Flow

Benjamin Kozuch

The Difference Between Consciousness and Reportability: Neuroanatomical Restrictions on Phenomenal Reports


Poster Session 3 (Cognitive Science and Psychology)

Andrew Bailey

Implications of the Embodied Cognition Paradigm for the Study of Consciousness

Bart VanVoorhis

Unconscious Semantic Activation in Brightness and Duration Judgment Tasks

Eve Isham

Unconscious processing of unattended words

Carl Flygt

Conversation Theory: An Organizing Principle for Consciousness Research

Caroline Horton

Comparing the Characteristics of Autobiographical Memories and Memories for Dreams

Charles Licata

Loss of Awareness in Alzheimer's disease (AD): Insight and Legal Liabilities in the United States

Christopher Nicholas

Understanding the neural correlates of self-awareness through diffusion tensor imaging of anosognosia in Alzheimer’s disease

Shun-Pin Hsu

How the Two Visual Systems Hypothesis “Neglects” the Sensorimotor Approach

Fred Kocks

Toward a Network Model of the Mind

Iwama Kenzo

A Robotic Program that produces Concepts and Introspection

James Kent

Signal Theory: Towards a Unified Theory of Psychedelic Action

Josiah Shindi

Being Consciously Alert During Undergraduate Class of Psychopathology

Lynn Rasmussen

Toward Empirical Investigation of the Self: Reframing the Dynamics of Emotion and Consciousness as a System of Systems Processes

Marek McGann

Goal Dynamics and Mental Contents 

Jonny Smallwood

The restless mind: Mind wandering as the privatisation of executive processes

Yacov Sharir Resolving order in chaos: navigation in complex data sets

Paul Jablonka Mechanics of Consciousness

Robin Bowers

Applying Damasio’s Neurological Theory of Consciousness to Violent, Self-Defeating Behavior

Ross Levin

Nightmares, PTSD and Affect distress: A Proposed Neurocognitive Model of Nightmare Production 

Shun-pin Hsu

How the Two Visual Systems Hypothesis “Neglects” the Sensorimotor Approach

Tamara Astakhova

Lucid Dreams and Semantic Analysis 

Tyler Lonczak  

Measuring Wisdom with the Berlin Paradigm: A first look at using untrained raters

Whit Blauvelt

The masking of consciousness in voice-twined prospective arrays



Poster Session 4 (Physical and Biological Sciences)

Angela Bruzzo

The chaotic epigenesis of self

Vadim Astakhov

Dynamic core mathematics for complex systems and delocalization of consciousness

Anatoly Goldstein

Towards Physical Interpretation of Complex Spacetime Based Models of    Non-local Consciousness

Bruce Carruthers

Roles of consciousness in the clinical use of the biopsychosocial model of illness

Danielle Graham

Experimental Data Demonstrating Extraordinary Human-Generated Ambient Geomagnetic Field and Gravitational Force Augmentation


Erik Douglas

Temporology, Category Theory, and the Scientific Study of Consciousness: Interdisciplinary Bridging Principles for your Methodological Toolbox 


Roulette Smith

Evolution and Long-Term Memories in Humans: Implications for Theoretical and Clinical Research on Consciousness and the Transpersonal

Francisco Lopez III

Consciousness in Transition

Jeremy Horne

The Transition Between Life and Death - Exploring the Parameters

Jose Monserrat

The Wings of Imagination - the missing link in the origin of consciousness?

Melinda Connor Oscillation of Amplitude as Measured by an Extra Low Frequency Magnetic Field Meter as a Biophysical Measure of Intentionality 

Reginald Humphreys

Defining a Science of Fractal Consciousness

Richard Shoup

Turing, Psi, and Consciousness

Thomas Schumann

Quantum Theory and Conscious Experience

Roberto Gonzalez-Plaza

Did the mind evolve?



Poster Session 5 ( Experiential Approaches)

BG Colby

Effects of Meditation Practice on University Teaching and Adult Education

Four Arrows Jacobs

The Fear Hypothesis and Indigenous Worldview: Hypersuggestibility and automaticity during apprehensive states as destructive or constructive depending upon worldview orientation

Fred Patrizi

Ego-consciousness as a Flight into Disturbance

Herb Korpell

Top Ten Benefits of Determinism

Julie Beischel

Are research mediums real? A triple-blind study of anomalous information reception

Scott Jackson

The Foundation for a Pragmatic Epistemology of the Imagination

Sergio Basbaum

Consciousness and Perception: The Point of Experience and the Meaning of the World We Inhabit

Sheryl Attig

Remote Diagnosis of Medical Conditions: A Double-Blind Experiment of Medical Intuition

Susan W Schwartz

Closing the divide: Phenomenological Perspectives on Transformations of Consciousness During Healing in the Context of Life-Threatening Illness

Jesse Bettinger

A heuristic model of consciousness: as seen by the philosopher-coach

Siddharth Arora

Radical Transformation of Consciousness: Myth or Reality 

Olga Louchakova  

Ontopoiesis and the Self: Phenomenological Investigations of Egological and Non-Egological Condition

Sol Weingarten

How consciousness determines human behavior: Achieving behavioral transformation through an understanding of the duality of consciousness



Poster Session 6 (Culture and Humanities)

Brandon Harwood

Imaginative Freedom in Comparative Meditation: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Meditation Techniques 

Christina Miranda de Almeida

Art and Consciousness

Diana Slattery

DomeWorks: Perception, Reflection, and Projection in the Dome of Consciousness

Donald Dulchinos  

When Wires Collide: Neural Correlates and Neural Prosthetics

Helen Kogan

Science of Acting and Consciousness: Discoveries in Consciousness from the laboratory of the rehearsal room

Katherine Schmidt

Levels of awareness: greater alteration of self and self efficacy through directed interactive experiential learning in the writing classroom

Koen Stroeken

Physical dualism: meaning, now

Ted Hazelton

Morals, Minds and Consciousness

Lluis Oviedo  

Testing Religious Accounts of Consciousness: The Case for the Christian View

Oren Kalus

To make the familiar strange - aesthetic derealization in the work of Alberto  Giacometti

Peter Anders

Comprehensive Space: Harnessing Consciousness in Architecture and Design

Ravi Vatrapu

Human Consciousness as an Ontological Solution in Search of an Epistemological Problem: Introducing the Intercultural Intersubjectivity Framework

Kristen Corman 

Emotion, visual-haptic correlation in motor action, simulation, and  similarity of motion-style in machine metaphors in literature: skywriting and rail-writing in Woolf and Dickens

Veres Zoltan

Experience and the Concept of Play

William Haney

Consciousness and the Short Story



Friday April 7, 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

TCC Meeting Rooms Gila-Coconino-Cochise

(first author and title - abstracts to be available soon)


Poster Session 7 (Philosophy)


Allan Combs

Integral Methodological Pluralism: Multiple Perspectives in the Study of Consciousness

Anthony Sebastian

Defining “Experience” As Prerequisite To Explaining “Conscious Experience”

Bhausaheb Biradar

The Hard Problem of Matter, Baars Notion of Subjectivity, and Bolstering the Relevance of Consciousness in Science

Caleb Liang

Perception and Demonstrative Concepts

Charles Fox

Consciousness and the Pseudonoumenal

Chris Schriner

Joseph Levine’s Problem of Duality

George Kampis

Causality in the Thinking Body

Jeff Ruan

A Virtual Labeling Account of Amodal Perception

Katalin Mund

Buddhism implies dualism

Keith Turausky

Metaphorical Heterophenomenology: Vim vs. the Anti-Matrix

Kevin Vallier

Finding middle ground between Chalmers' functionalism and Searle's anti-functionalism: A Neutral Monist Third Way

Mark Pestana

Quality As Existence

Laura Weed

A Relational View of Self and Mind

Meurig Beynon

Radical Empiricism and the Science of Consciousness: Meanings beyond Intention and Description

Michael Cerullo

Psychiatrists demand consciousness: Or the need for the middle road between Chalmers’ hard and easy problems.

Morey Kitzman

Qualia Re-visited

Jonas Coelho

Critique of Searle’s Interpretation of the Ontological Statute of Freud’s Unconscious

Jeffrey Strayer

General Forms and Characteristics of Consciousness and Their Relevance to an Artistic Problem

Vadim Vasilyev

Why Is It So Difficult to Find Neural Correlates of Consciousness?

Jorge Morales

The Hard Problem: A Twofold Solution

Michael Lipkind

Definition of Rudimentary Psychic Act and a New Conception of Volition

Shannon Foskett

Are Semiosis and Consciousness Co-extensive? Charles S. Peirce, Semiotic Metaphysics and Complexity Theory

Jerry Josties

Reflections on the Mysteries of Physics and Neuroscience - Suggestions for a New Explanatory Metanarrative

Richard Loosemore

Consciousness and the Relativity of Science

Iris Oved

Exploring the Role of Qualia in the Intentionality of Thought


Poster Session 8 (Neuroscience)

Lynda Shaw

Unconscious Processing of High and Low Valence Visual Stimuli: An fMRI Analysis

Maria Alice Ornellas Pereira

Depression, Brain Glucose Metabolism and Consciousness

Peter Walling

EEGo: A new computer software which generates live movies of reconstructed brain attractors

Ram Mishra

Effect of Meditation on Plasma Beta-Endorphins in Humans


Russell Hebert

A phase synchrony model of consciousness


Poster Session 9 (Cognitive Science and Psychology)

Alain Morin

Levels of consciousness: Recent proposals

Alfred Levinson

Intuitive Processes as Forms of the Unconscious - Conscious Spectrum

Carlos Alberto Ferreira

The Role of Play in Developing Superior Psychological Functions in Institutionalized and Non-institutionalized children under a Vygotskian Perspective

David Glanzer

Empathy: Interpersonal Adaptive Resonance Networks

Joao Leao

Do Quantum Brains Dream of Entangled Sheep?

Karen Gilbert

The Strength of the Weak: An Alternative to a Global Theater of the Mind

Knud Thomsen

Emotions in a Self-representational Theory of Consciousness

Kozmova Miloslava

Differences in Thought Architecture of Male and Female Dreamers

Colin DeYoung

The Sources of Insight: Conscious and Unconscious Problem Solving 

Mark Evan Furman

NeuroPrint: Revealing the Mysteries of Consciousness via "Mind Imaging" of Cognitive Architecture

Melvin Lyon

Time-Patterns in Behavior as Signs of the Organization of Neural Activity Leading to Conscious Thought: Examples from Schizophrenic,

Anxiety Disorder and Normal Subjects.

Raymond A Mar

Good stories reduce the stressful entropy of traumatic experiences

Richard Sieb

Consciousness And Adaptive Behavior

Robert Christie

Neuroscience, Mystical States, and Quadratic Consciousness: A Contemporary Model of Mind and Preliminary Field Test Results

Roberta Lorenzetti

In and out of focus. Attention and empathy in autobiographical memory



Poster Session 10 (Physical and Biological Sciences)

Carol Look

Power of Energy Medicine: Restoring Health and Balance with Meridian Therapy

Audrey Brooks

Interaction of Distant Johrei and Patient Belief in Receiving Johrei on Health Outcomes: A Double-Blind Study

Christopher Menant

Evolution of Representations. From basic life to Self-representation and Self-consciousness

Gottfried Suessenbacher

Self-Consciousness and the Evolution of Conscience

Helmut Wautischer

Systemic Family Constellation Work in Clinical Perspective: Multigenerational Consciousness Fields Linked to Illness Formation

J Kenneth Arnette

Of Brains and Branes: String Theory and Consciousness

James Beichler

From the Nature of Life to Consciousness

John Sanfey

Constraints on a Physical Explanation of Consciousness arising from the Dynamics of Observation within a Continuum of Change

Matti Bergstrom

The complex number space of brain's self and Bohm's mind-matter theory

Raymond Pavloski

Models of Subjectivity: Latent Emergent Order and Its Detection in Attractor Networks

Uzi Awret

Cognition, Recognition and the Immune System

Sean Lee

What is the Algorithmic Complexity of Subjective Experience?

Valeriy Bulitko

On Logic and Consciousness

Travis Craddock

Cellular Automata Model of a Microtubule Using a Double Potential Well Found in Tubulin

Venkateswaran Nagarajan

On the Concept of Post Synaptic Current Tunneling Towards  Modeling the Thought Process

Werner Krieglstein

Toward a New Philosophy of Nature and a Naturalistic Foundation of Community: Implications of Synchronicity and the Emerging

Science of Spontaneous Order



Poster Session 11 (Experiential Approaches)

T.R. Anantharaman

Consciousness in the spiritual traditions of India

Marek Maciejczak

System of consciousness. Husserl's theory from the perspecive of autopoietic systems.

Adam Rock

What is a Shamanic Pattern of Phenomenal Properties?

Alex Shahom Kohav

Expanded Sensory Consciousness (ESC) versus Pure Consciousness Experience (PCE)

Arthur Hastings

Effects of the Psychomanteum Process on States of Consciousness and Bereavement

Bill Potter

The Buddhist Science of Mind and the Western Mandala of Consciousness

David Scharf

A New Angle on the Neural Correlates of Consciousness: Insights from Maharishi Vedic Science

Denise Otteson

Consciousness—it’s Greek to me: The Origin of Plato’s Dualism in the Near-Death Experience

Jack Petranker

Being Conscious Differently: A Complementary Approach to Phenomenological Research into Consciousness

Joel Krueger

Empathy Externalized: Kitaro Nishida, Zen, and the Structure of the Extended Mind

John Sullivan

Is fetal NREM the archetype for deep meditative state’s of consciousness?

Judith Blackstone

Nondual Awareness and the Mutual Transparency of Self and Other

Katya Rubia

The effect of Meditation on the behaviour of children with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

Liora Birnbaum

The use of different states of consciousness in social work training

Marc Kurtzman

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Emotional Reactivity and Wisdom Assessment of Meditators and Non-Meditators

Sakari Kallio

Neutral hypnosis affects the frontal functional connections of the brain

Simon Golosheykin

Psychophysiological characteristics of meditation state

Talia Welsh

Who is truly seeing the world? The importance first-person accounts of autism for a phenomenology of perception

Zoran Josipovic

Influence of meditation styles on visual/spatial cognition; Neural Correlates of Nondual Awareness

Jack Presbury

I, Me, You & It: The Phenomenology of Self and Others

Burton Voorhees

Classifications of Phenomenological Features of Subjective Conscious Experience



Poster Session 12 (Culture and Humanities)

Alfonso Santarpia

Perceptive-Literary Construction of the Body in psychopathology

Barbara Rauch

The digital and the real

John Lobell

Seeing and Painting: Painters paint what they “see.”

Liz Stillwaggon

From Patterns to Pollock: Being in the World

Marcelo Mercante

The Objectivity of Spontaneous Mental Imagery: The Spiritual Space of a Brazilian-Amazonian Religion Experienced by Sacramental Users of Ayahuasca

Marlon Barrios Solano

Game of Life/now and then..gone: A Portable interactive and generative Installation/performance Environment

Scott Reid  

Live to Ride, Ride to Live: Toward an Identity Theory Approach to Extracurricular Social Roles

Susan Sheridan

Glossolalia, consciousness states, and the mind/body benefits of fluent spiritual speech: Extending the purpose of linguistic experience

Venkatachalam Shilpa

Phenomenology, Literature and the First Person Experience