The Brain & Self
Symposium and Workshop

Copenhagen and Elsinore, Denmark
18--24 August 1997

"Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen," the graciously informal capital of Northern Europe, plays host in August to several happenings of interest to all Consciousness Bulletin readers.

As part of Denmark's "Year of the Brain" ("Hjernaaret" is how they call it)--organized under the patronage of Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II-- there will be both a Symposium and a Workshop on the "Brain and Self" to explore the scientific, spiritual and ethical dimensions of the many phenomena related to human consciousness.

"The Brain and Self Symposium on Neurophilosophy and Ethics" will be held from 18 through 20 August of 1997 in the historic Main Auditorium of Copenhagen University, which is situated in the heart of the old city among its unique blend of historic castles and modern charm. The Symposium is open to the general public, and confirmed speakers include David Chalmers, Max Velmans, Colin McGinn, Benjamin Libet and Jonathan Glover, among many others. Subjects discussed will include the mind-brain problem, ethics and free will, and the role of cultural studies in brain research.

Following a gala reception on the evening of 20 August at Copenhagen's Eksperimentarium (a modern museum of science that has developed a host of hands on exhibits especially for the Year of the Brain) the venue will move to Elsinore, where Denmark almost touches Sweden, for the Workshop segment from 21 through 24 August.

Known to most as the site of Shakespeare's play "Hamlet," Elsinore is a charming eighteenth century city, easily reached by short train ride or driving north from Copenhagen, along a winding strand where Beltane fires have burned since time out of mind and summer nights are visited by runic ghosts. Although Prince Hamlet's original castle is long gone, the site is now occupied by Kronborg, a splendid Danish Renaissance structure built by King Frederik II around 1580 to control the entrance to the Baltic Sea and restored in the present century.

"The Brain and Self Workshop: Toward a Science of Consciousness" will take place at the L-O Skolen, a modern conference center situated in the hills just above the city and a five minute walk to the sea. Confirmed speakers include Rodney Cotterill, Hermann Haken, Erik Fransen, Galen Strawsen, Thomas Metzinger, David Chalmers, Aaron Sloman, and Max Velmans, among others, who will be discussing in an integrated manner: the neural basis for consciousness, the nature of the self, and the explanatory gap between brain and mind.

The broad aim of this workshop is to bring current leaders in consciousness studies into close contact with those entering the field. Thus all participants are asked to stay for the entire period from lunch on Thursday through the afternoon of Sunday, and ample time is planned for questions and discussions. In addition to late evenings at the bar and opportunities for hiking and swimming together in the Oeresund, all meals will be taken with informal seating at tables of eight in a charming dining room, looking out to the coast of Sweden.

Since the facilities of L-O Skolen comprise many meeting rooms and conversational nooks of various sizes and shapes (giving some the impression of living within a print by the Dutch engraver Mauritz Escher) any form of group interaction desired by the participants can be readily arranged. For all of these reasons, the Brain-Mind Workshop is expected to provide unique opportunities for creating and strengthening lines of intercourse within the growing field of consciousness studies.

Since the Workshop is strictly limited by the size of the largest auditorium to a maximum of 220 participants, early registration is advised.

Registration Information

Registration costs for, "The Brain and Self Workshop: Toward a Science of Consciousness," August 21-24, 1997

Full registration includes all conference sessions, all meals from lunch on Thursday, August 21 through lunch on Sunday, August 24, and lodging for three nights, August 21-23 at the conference center.
$795 US Dollars, per person double occupancy
$895 US Dollars, per person single occupancy

Registration with meals only includes all conference sessions plus the following meal plans:
$495 US Dollars, includes lunches and daily coffee, Thursday-Sunday
$595 US Dollars, includes lunches and daily coffee, Thursday-Sunday and dinners, Thursday-Saturday.

Spouse/companion registration:
$350 US Dollars, includes lodging, double occupancy with conference registrant, plus breakfast, Friday-Sunday. This does not include attendance at conference sessions.

Special event ticket
$20 US Dollars, reception at Eksperimentarium, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 20

Registrations which include room and meals are due June 1, 1997. Payment must be included with the registration.

Note: Tickets at 50 Dkr. per day to "The Brain and Self Symposium: On Neurophilosophy and Ethics" will be sold each day, 18-20 August, at The University of Copenhagen, Main Auditorium at Vor Frue Plads. Doors will open at 9:00 a.m. There will not be advanced ticket sales for these sessions.

4 Easy Ways to Register!

  • By phone. Call (+1) 520-621-7724. VISA and MasterCard accepted.
  • By fax. Fax your request for a registration form to (+1) 520-621-3269. Fax lines are open 24 hours.
  • By mail. Request a registration form The Brain and Self Conference, The University of Arizona Extended University; P.O. Box 210158, Tucson, AZ 85721-0158.
  • By email. EXTUNIV@CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU. Please include conference name and the conference code: 73ULDEN223, your name, address, and daytime phone. Give VISA or MasterCard number and expiration date. Include the total cost that you want charged to your card.

Travel Arrangements

We have made arrangements for discounted group air travel departing from San Francisco and Newark, New Jersey. Flights depart on August 16 for Copenhagen and return on August 25.

Contact Bowers Worldwide Travel Agency at 1-800-229-8731 or 520-292-6200. Be sure to mention The Brain and Self Conference when making your reservation.

Additional information on the "The Brain and Self Symposium on Neurophilosophy and Ethics," including designated conference hotels in Copenhagen for the nights of August 17-20, and 24-25 are available from: Destination Management Copenhagen, Nyropsgade 47, 6th Floor, 1602 Copenhagen V, Denmark. Phone: +45 33 12 12 00. Fax: +45 33 12 12 11. Please mention The Brain and Self events when making your reservation.

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