Art and Technology of Consciousness Exhibit

Toward a Science of Consciousness 2008

Some Photos from 2008




Hello World

Margaret Dolinsky, HR Hope School of Fine Arts, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN  USA

Iluminated Script


Debi DuSold, William Scott, MindWorks Studio, Tucson, AZ  USA

EEG biofeedback user generates dynamic abstract art

Totemic Energy Oil Painting

Lee Sun Don,  The Third Patriarch of Buddhist Forshang and Professor of Fine Arts, Peking University, Beijing, CHINA

Understanding the Inner Potential  

Psychosomatic Art

Ana Iribas Rudín, Dept of Painting, Complutense University,   Madrid, SPAIN
Bodily changes from unconscious motivations

Lucid 2.0

Gino Yu/Jose Rueda, Multimedia Innovation Center, Hong Kong Polytechnic,  HONG KONG, CHINA
A virtual reality development platform specifically   designed for interactive first person experience

Optimal Experience

TingTing Chen/Jennifer Beck, Philosophy and Human Interface Tech, University of Canterbury, Christ Church, NEW ZEALAND
:Technology of attention and ordering of consciousness


René Stettler, Curator

New Gallery Lucerne




Art & Technology      Exhibit I        

During Opening Reception

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

0800-0830 PM       Bill Scott / Debi DuSold “BrainPaintings”
0830-0900 PM       Lee Sun-Don “Totemic Energy Oil Painting – Understanding the Inner Potential”


Art & Technology      Exhibit 2         

During Poster Session

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

0800-0830 PM       Margaret Dolinsky “Hello World (Illuminated Script)”
0830-0900 PM       Ana Iribas Rudin “Psychosomatic Art: Consciousness Speaks in Flesh”


Art & Technology     Exhibit 3             

During Poster Session

Friday, April 11, 2008

0800-0830 PM       TingTing Chen / Jennifer Beck “Consciousness and Human Interface

0830-0900 PM       Gino Yu / Jose Rueda “Lucid 2.0”