Toward a Science of Consciousness, June 11-4, 2009 Hong Kong

1.    P L E N A R Y   S E S S I O N S  [mornings]

Plenary - Thursday June 11, 2009

Brain and Consciousness 1


                     Experiments on the Educated Eyes and the Educated Brain

                      Phenomenological,  behavioral,  and neurocognitive approaches

                      converge in revealing  the nature  of  mind-wandering

                      of Long Term Meditators in Australia: Quantifiying the Relationship 

                      Between   the Mental  Silence State of Consciousness and Wellbeing

Plenary - Friday June 12, 2009

Games and Media

                      Characters  through Machine Consciousness

                      How we come  to experience that we own our body

Plenary - Saturday June 13, 2009

Brain and Consciousness II

   PL 13   Jeff Warren - A Phenomenological Map of Consciousness


     Panel:   Joan Y. Chiao  Cultural Neuroscience of Consciousness: From Visual

                     Perception to  Self-Awareness

                     Emotional  Contagion

      Panel:  Hugo de Garis   The Conscious Robot Project: A Neural-Symbolic

                    Cognitive  Informatics and Computational Intelligence

2.     C O N C U R R E N T   S E S S I O N S   

  1. Itay Shani, The Explanatory Gap as a Problem of Entailment
  1. Dora Brown,  Qualitative Investigations into the Phenomenology of Self Awareness:Two Methods Applied to the Brain-Injured
  2. Younbyoung Chae, The Dissociation between Acupuncture and Placebo Effect in Parkinson’s Diseases: An fMRI Study
  1. Wengao Huang, Interactive Art: Between Game and Meditation
  2. Elif Ayiter, Alpha.Tribe: Alt Avatars Explore Creative Identity
  1. Li Hong, Neural Correlates of the Typicality Effect in a Deductive Reasoning Task

  2. Rafal Rzepka, Artificial Self Based on Collective Mind - Using Common Sense and Emotions Web-Mining for Ethically Correct Behaviors

  1. T.L. Baumann, Our Entanglement with Light’s Consciousness: How Physics Supports our cConscious Role in the Vast Electromagnetic Spectrum
  1. Naoko Tosa, New Hitch Haiku: an Interactive Renku Poem Composition Supporting Tool applied for Sightseeing Navigation System
  1. Andrew Westcombe, Taking Consciousness Seriously


  A 1 -   Thursday June 11, 2009

  1. Tonietta Walters - Flow in the Zone: A global perspective on the inner experience of the traditional artist                                         


  1. John Haworth -  A Day in the Life of Situ

5.     PRECONFERENCE TUTORIAL WORKSHOPS  -  Wednesday June 10, 2009

 9:00-1:00             The Hidden Sides of Experience: Exploring Dissociations Between

                                       Stuart Hameroff

6.         POSTER SESSIONS - combined for Friday evening Session, June 12, 2009

 P 1 Philosophy:

  • Gill, Richard - Nature of Consciousness and the Role of Objectivity
  • Kato, Teruo - The Relationship Between Consciousness and Life and the Quantum Vacuum with Respect to Mind and Body and the Locus and Space of Existence
  • Li, Qishi - A Mind-Working Mechanism that Rather Develops Experience of Consciousness that is Thought Born With: The “Three-Rules” Towards a Conscious Being
  • Bergstrom, Matti - A Mathematical Model of the Human Brain for Construction of Machine Consciousness and Thinking
  • Gordon, Susan - Psycho-Neuro-Intracrinology: The Embodiment of Myth, Intentionality, and the Spiritual Sense of Well-Being in Women at Midlife
  • Wan, Qi  - Ischemic Insults Direct Glutamate Receptor Subunit 2-Lacking AMPA Receptors to Synaptic Sites
  • Snezana Cerepnalkovska Dukovska, Multi-Agent Model Based on its Information States Presenting There Consciousness for Physical Phenomenon-Information Paradigm and its Applications
  • George Potter, The Buddhist Science of Mind and the Western Mandala of Consciousness
  • McCarthy, Christine  - Art and the Creation of Mind

 7.  POSTCONFERENCE WORKSHOP - Sunday June 14 [afternoon]

Machine Consciousness: Ben Goertzel
- Conceptualizing Machine Consciousness


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