Toward a Science of Consciousness

Wednesday April 11, 2012


Art-Technology Session 2:           Second Life


Richard Geer


Richard is a writer, artist, entrepreneur, and decidedly visionary. He is the Dreamer behind Star Journey, which is based on his prior Star+Gate titles published some time ago. Star Journey island is the fullest realization of Richard’s life long dream of a dynamic tool that helps people help themselves. In real life, he heads a design business and works in graphics management. And no surprise, Richard loves ballroom dancing (a social staple in Second Life). He lives in Northern California.


1. Star Journey's main components of 96 Symbols and the Circle Pattern which shows organization of the symbols



2. Aerial photo ofStar Journey island, which combines Circle Pattern and Symbols into an interactive landscape



3. An example interactive symbol, icicles hang from eaves of roof of ICE symbol's meditation area on Star Journey island.