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                                                                  Toward a Science of Consciousness, Brain Mind & Reality

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Koei Endo                Ikuyo Endo

IKOSOLID ( aka/ the art name: REAL CUBE )

IKOSOLID SCIENCE developed by Koei and Ikuyo Endo seeks to contribute to the evolution of the earth and the human race and the improvement of existence with the fusing of art and science as the goal. Koei Endo was born in Fukushima City Fukushima Pref. Japan and is a graduate of the Tama Art University in Tokyo.  Ikuyo Jyojima Endo was born in Kurume City Fukuoka Pref. Japan.    As a husband and wife team, they have working on many experiments and studies (16 countries) revealing the fusion of art and science. Their study reveals"the connecting point with three-dimensions and four-dimensions of pictorial art."  So began the description of IKOSOLID Science, from the viewpoint of the topological and of crystallography from an electron experiment in 2002 which resulted in the creation of Ikosolid Science. and the the fusing  of art and  science.  In December 2002 an electron experiment resulted in the creation of Ikosolid Science which is IKOSOLID an Artificial Crystallization and the Solid Benzene


The 90 degree topological transformation with IKOSOLID

  • It asked IKOSOLID SCIENCE as the quantum computer server and the alternating current super-conductivity conductor tothe major electron number of companies Inc. in Japan. They spoke with Sony, IBM Japan, Fujitsu, NEC, HITACHI, NTT , Sharp and  Furukawa  Electric,  (January, 2011) Reference to IKOSOLIDSCIENCE as“the quantum computer development technology " by IBM Japan, the U.S. head office ) CEO“. After 3 months, IBM backed away because they didn't want to be tied up in physical information gathering. by their information group research. 
  • IKOSOLID has  the ability of the 90 degree topological transformation.  In the beginning of the quantum mechanics field there were several interpretations. The mainstream is Copenhagen interpretation. Besides, there are many worlds views and Interpretations,     e.g. Transactional Interpretation, and so on. However, because the problems of the consciousness concerns, there is not a decisive interpretation in the interpretation of the quantum mechanics at present.  That is, the research of the quantum mechanics and of the consciousness have important relation. 
  • By the 90 degree topological transformation with IKOSOLID , IKOSOLID SCIENCE  gives the unifying revolution to the foundations on quantum mechanics .
  • The state of the existence of the positron ( the antiparticle ) is in the reverse of the electron ( particle ) and in the state of 90 degree phase to electron ( particle ).Therefore, the positron ( the antiparticle ) appears obediently in the three-dimensional world by the 90 degree topological transformation and turning a face of positron to the face side with IKOSOLID. As a result the positron made by 90 degree topological transformation with IKOSOLID becomes the outbreak-effect of positron without the pair annihilation of positron and electron.There is not a 90 degree topological transformation in the positron which is formed with the actuator.  Therefore, it makes the pair annihilation of positron and electron. In the way of the occurrence, the difference of the positron made by 90 degree topological transformation and the positron formed with the actuator without 90 degree topological transformation becomes very important. However, in the present age thing reason, the high-energy physics ( the elementary particle experimental physics ) is mainstream. Therefore, if adding a 90 degree topological transformation by IKOSOLID as a conductor to the actuator experiment, the revolution happens to the high-energy physics. It proposes to introduce the 90 degree topological transformation which depends on IKOSOLID into the actuator experiment. As a result, the decisive result of the quantum mechanics which the scientist all over the world craves should appear. Our research is  about the electron and the positron. Experimentally on the actuator, it is possible to do an experiment on particle and the antiparticle including electron and the positron, too.
  • (October) In Chiba Prefecture Makuhari, it made a presentation as the   IKOSOLID CONDUCTOR and it did an open experiment at CEATEC JAPAN 2004. In the exhibition hall, it received verification to the Koizumi cabinet integrated science technical conference cabinet shade scientist who was the chief director in the  independent administrative agency certain plasma institute and had three doctorates (physics doctor, DE, MD ).  It was authenticated when the electron which has a positive electric charge in the line and the electron which has a negative electric charge stood in line and were flowing to the same direction. (Later, authentication of the occurrence of the positron without the pair annihilation of positron and electron in the line.)

  • ~2009   After that, for about 5 years, the shadow scientist did the receiver ( the verification ) of IKOSOLID SCIENCE.  As the result, it succeeded in these things and it was possible to come to practical use. The normal temperature alternating current super-conductivity, the normal temperature alternating current super-fluidity, the occurrence of the positron that particle and the antiparticle don't make the pair annihilation of particle and the antiparticle in the line and the spatial radiation.


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