Jason Padgett is a mathematician and businessman and artist born in Alaska now living in Washington State, U.S. He has acquired synesthesia and savant syndrome due to a brain injury suffered in a mugging eight years ago. Since that time, he has had many profound insights about math and physics and asserts that he is seeing space-time itself. Padgett has undergone mostly positive personality changes in his long road to recovery. He has overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which incapacitated him for four years after the crime and has gone back to college to better explain the math he is intuiting on a daily basis. He is both a math and physics theorist as well as an artist who draws the grids and fractals he sees synesthetically. His resulting art won Best International Newcomer in the Art Basel Miami Beach competition.


They are all hand drawn with a pencil, ruler and compass. The color I add with a computer.The first drawing is Pi as it expands forever approaching a 'perfect' circle at a value of 720sin(Pi/720)~3.141582685...   The second drawing is 'The Double Slit Test' in physics that shows that lights wave/particle duality.   The third is The Structure of Space Time at the Planck size frame. The equation that describes it (total reltivistic mass and energy) is hf=mc^2   The fourth describes the geometry of fusion.   The fifth is a quantum star fractal.