2020 TSC Conference

April 13-18, 2020




Approach to Consciousness




Early Mornings

Monday April 13 - Saturday April 18, 2020

7:00-8:00 am

Tennis Courts

Loews Ventana Canyon Resort






The TennisCentric Approach to Consciousness 2020 is compromised of daily Clinics at 7-8am during the mornings. The clinics will provide a brief survey of how skill acquisition, training and play can be informed by a study of the Science of Consciousness and can in turn inform our understanding of Consciousness by exploring learning behaviors and improvisational play in Tennis. Tourney planned for Thursday. The TennisCentric Approach establishes the training sanctuary as a contemplative practice that wholly integrates into competitive play.


Previous sessions touched upon insights relevant to understanding both Consciousness and Tennis such as the

1) Use of holographic theory in the non-sequential chunking of motor skills.

2) Returning serve faster than the speed of the Libet delay.

3) Penrose Quanranglement and Backwards Time.

The clinics provide a platform for all theoretical frameworks both serious and whimsical that might account for complexities at hand including a novel approach to Tennis as a contemplative practice with

4) Wave/Particle Duality in the hitting exchange

(Non-dualism mindset in performance play).


With Nobel laureate Moser as the keynote speaker, TennisCentric 2020 will explore the depths and limits of the explanatory power derived from Moser’s neurocomputational triumph with discovery of Grid and Place cells while addressing the limitations of the Neuronal Doctrine as it relates to Tennis. Arguing for the transduction of both court and body schema into Oscillatory Resonance patterns that induce a necessary “Feel state” for the induction strokes beyond the limitations of neurocomputational constraints, TennisCentric will ground Moser’s breakthrough into the paradigm shift imposed by the Hard Problem. The TennisCentric sessions are an experiential artform that originated at TSC Tucson in which the convergence of any angled approach to Consciousness is welcome on the court if it is evidence based and offers sound explanation for understanding the learning process and performance in Tennis.


Additional TennisCentric 2020 themes:

“Oscillatory Resonance Approach to Body Intelligence and specifically: The Proprioceptive Feel State as an Algebraic Summation of Beta Oscillations.”

In conjunction with Proprioceptive Awareness comes a unique and groundbreaking demonstration on the Wobble board of skill acquisition modalities in Tennis.

As fMRI studies from research on psychedelic mushrooms have opened up new insights into “Whole Brain Criticality” and disassociation of the cortical hubs that give rise to the sense of self, TennisCentric 2020 will connect Criticality with the high performance play (Zone) bringing deeper insight to the Flow State or Inner Game.





Mark Valladares is a seasoned tennis pro from the Overland Park Racquet Club (Kansas City’s premiere tennis club)

where he has trained players at all levels and ages for over two decades. He has been a long time student of Consciousness having studied Neuroscience at Amherst College. He is certified as a Tennis Professional with the PTR and USPTA (Elite Professional) His intellectual journey took him from an independent study of the origins of the Ballgame where he explored “Thinking Principles Fundamental to Development Derived from the Mayan Ballgame” to a deep inquiry into learning modalities in motor behaviors. Mark delivered the first “TennisCentric Approach to Consciousness” workshop at TSC 2016. His current work is in the Oscillatory Resonance approach to explaining Muscle Memory.