2018 Science of Consciousness, April 2-7, 2018, Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson ARIZONA

“Proprioception as Nested Tensegrity”

Coach Mark Valladares

USPTA Elite Pro, PTR


Kansas City United Tennis/ Overland Park Racquet Club

HEAD/Penn Sponsored

The TennisCentric Approach to Consciousness

is a workshop in the form of a Clinic in which players can enjoy a meditational hit,

drills, and open play. The sessions typically speak back to the themes

converging at the Conference with considerations

for the role of mind in various stages of development.

Valladares connects high performance play (the Zone) with a form of Non-dualism

or Ego-dissolution mind-set in which an Improvisational process takes over.

The focus of TennisCentric 2018 will be on “Proprioception as Nested Tensegrity”

Coach Mark has been a long time student of Consciousness and attendee of TSC Conferences.

He presented “Improvisational Subjection Induction Theory” at TSC 2016, 2017 in support the TennisCentric Approach.

The 2018 session will provide Players with the opportunity to turn on proprioceptive sensors for tennis specific skill acquisition

and thereby by deepen the body’s awareness of the TennisCentric Self. Each session is a contemplative pedagogy which is both a

meditational practice and practicum for how the body derives a sense of itself relative to scale from awareness of

joint tension in response to pre-tensile stresses.

Early Morning On Court Sessions 6:45-8:00am