POSTER PRINTING - Special Event Pricing for 2018

FED EX - University Speedway Blvd Location  Tucson   

Please email:


                Email :;


Event Code:  TSC-2018


$3.49 per square foot.  That is the print and lamination cost.

For example:

o   A 3’ X 7’ poster will come to = $73.29 (pre-tax)

o   A 4’ X 8’ poster will come to = $83.76 (pre-tax)

o   You can custom size a poster at the discounted price of $3.49 per square foot

Posters Delivered to the Hotel at no extra charge.


Poster Guidelines

1:  Philosophy                                                                                               

2:  Neuroscience                                                                                       

3:  Cog Sci/Psychology                                                                               

4:  Physics/Biology                                                                                      

5:  Experiential                                                                                          

6:  Humanities 


The Poster Sessions - Organizing Your Information

Set Up:      After 2 PM the day of your session.

To summarize:

Use large, easy-to-read sans-serif letters