2016 The Science of Consciousness

Art Technology Exhibitions

Loews Ventana Canyon, Tucson

Mon Apr 25;     Wed Apr 27;     Fri  Apr 29

6:30-7:30 PM    6:30-9:30 PM    6:30-9:30 PM


C BANGS - New York

Greg Matloff - New York


Stellar Consciousness: Exhibition with Digital Collages and Paintings

from Star Bright?, an artist/scientist book



The art of C Bangs investigates frontier science with symbolist figuration. Public Collections include MoMA, Brooklyn Museum, Library of Congress, NASA, British Interplanetary Society, CUNY, Pratt Institute, Cornell and Pace University.  Merging art and science, as a NASA Faculty Fellow her work appears in ten related books. Star Bright? & Starlight, Starbright: Are Stars Conscious? Curtis, UK, 2015 investigates the possibility of universal consciousness. C Bangs has exhibited extensively at Central Booking Art Space (CB Art Space) and HaberSpace, that features Art & Science thematic group exhibitions of all media. These exhibitions showcase an unusually broad variety of genres in a series of explorations of where art meets science. The integration of spaces is organic as many book artists work in other genres as well: painting, sculpture, installation and video art. Indeed, book art often incorporates these other genres to create truly original multi-media works.

The latest collaboration of artist C Bangs and astronomer Greg Matloff is their second foray into the land of the graphic artist’s book, this time tackling no less a subject than the consciousness of the universe. Once again, they prove that dense scientific ideas can be made accessible to a broader public, successfully capturing the awe of their subject through a balance of text and imagery. The format of the visual book affords Bangs and Matloff an appropriately less traditional platform for the exploration of their novel thesis. Together they coax us into a world beyond the narrow boundaries of our own - and we are willing participants in the journey.

Matloff’s text has been honed to the bare necessity to convey his ideas, rendering them beyond mere exposition of narration and into the territory of the poetic. Bangs continues the flight off the page with her imagery that both clarifies and clouds us in more mystery.

Linking quantum theory and the internet with human spiritual quests through the ages, Matloff and Bangs throw questions at us and come to conclusions that remain open-ended. They reach back into our early history to find a line throughout the ages that instinctually connects us to the heavens. We are left with the possibility of communicating, not just communing, with the stars and perhaps finding ourselves on the cusp of a new science in its own right.  (Maddy Rosenberg, Founder/Curator, CENTRAL BOOKING Art Space, 21 Ludlow Street, NYC)     video link

www.conscious-stars.com - slides

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