Patrick Palucki -
Variety of short films and media works on consciousness and semiotics / cyber-anthropology.

Today Starts On Page 23 Experimental Shortfilm 11 Min., DVD
The first part is dedicated to the categories of thought, how they are created and how they are based on the suchness of the communication system and the (linguistic) technology in use and the current belief- and value-system composed of the status of science, the economic system, religious tradition etc. The second part shifts toward ideas about consciousness and existence. Experimental movie that links visual signifyers through sequencing, juxtaposing, superimposing etc.  The film is specifically aiming to produce a meta-text by linking the associations and connotations that arise through specific sign artifacts and their linking. Every visual unit and every link is an intentional semiotic choice and describes a processive idea.

Monument Video Installation Loop, 2,5 Min.
Collage of two readymades: - A mountain range is moved and disfigured by an underground nuclear test. - A victim of environmental poisoning on a hospital bed The primordial symbol of a mountain as unsurpassable, immovable, “abode of the gods“ being challenged by man. A primordial symbol of aeons or eternity being challenged by a digital linear time display.