Toward a Science of Consciousness 2012

ART TECH HEALTH DEMOS     Abstracts:   A 1 - A 3 

held in Grand Ballroom B and Catalina Ballroom J,K,L

Wednesday April 11 and Friday April 13  


WEDNESDAY, April 11       7:00 pm to 10:00 pm  

set up Wednesday all day


SESSION  A 1    Wednesday Evening    

ART TECH  Presentations and Displays

Grand Ballroom, Salon B

7:00 - 10:00 pm

7:00-7:20   Hasmukh Taylor      

7:20-7:40   Steen Loeth           

7:40-8:00   Jeffrey Gluck         

8:00-8:20   Folker Meissner     

8:20-8:40   Naama Kostiner        

8:40-9:00   Rich Shapero             

9:00-9:20   Geneva Foster - Gluck 

9:20-9:45   Nick Day/Sascha Seifert

A 1  Abstracts


SESSION  A 2       Wednesday Evening 

Video Game Play and Second Life 

Catalina Ballroom J.K.L     

7:00 - 10:00 pm


Video Game Play     -     Catalina Ballroom J       


(J. Gackenbach, J. Martin, G. Garvey,

D. Doyle, E. Murzyn)


Second Life Exhibits  -   Catalina Ballroom K.L.

Richard Geer - Star Journey     

Tonietta Walters-Singularity Sanctum

Fiammetta Rubin: A documentary film  


Abstracts:  A 2



SESSION  A 3       Friday Evening

HEALTH  Presentations

Friday, April 13 

Catalina Ballroom J, K, L       

 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Set up Friday 9-12 noon 

or Friday afternoon  3-5


7:00 - 7:25 Ann Baldwin

7:25 - 7:50 Amna Alfaki

7:50 - 8:15 Paola Brugnoli

8:15 - 8:40 Jesus Illundain-Agurruza

8:40 - 9:05 Donna Trousdale

9:05 - 9:30 Alexander Graur (will also moderate)


Abstracts:  A 3 


Art-Tech-Health Exhibits

More interactive and experiential than concurrent sessions, Art/Tech/Health Demo presentations occur in evenings adjacent to the Poster Session, demonstrating art, media and experiential techniques with power point, body and canvas. Cash bar.   Formal Presentations are 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. Display set ups throughout the evening.


DIRECTIONS: From the Grand Ballroom Foyer Lobby

Straight Ahead is the Grand Ballroom

To the Right is the Catalina Ballroom   


Grand Foyer Lobby                                 Ahead to Grand Ballroom                       On Right....Doors to Catalina Ballroom