TSC 2010

PLENARY  10   New Directions in NCC Research   


Moran Cerf

Controlling single neurons with thoughts in humans


                                                                                     Moran Cerf


Moran Cerf completed his Ph.D. at Caltech, working with Drs. Christof Koch and Itzhak Fried. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA with Dr. Fried and at Caltech with Prof. Christof Koch. His graduate work was in Philosophy of Science (M.A) and Physics (B. Sc). Prior, Dr. Cerf worked for several years in the Israeli high-tech industry as a hacker. Dr. Cerf is interested in attention, emotions regulations, and dreams. His set of studies include examining the conscious control of single neurons in humans, the ability to affect altered states of consciousness as dreams or sleep, and the ability of humans to regulate high-level emotions.