TSC 2010 Pre-Conference Workshop


Session 1, Monday Morning, April 12    (9:00am-1:00pm) - Part 1       TCC - GRAHAM    

Session 2, Monday Afternoon, April 12 (2:00pm-6:00pm) - Part 2

Full Day, $125



Personal Mythology, Neuroscience, and Organizational Culture


Frank Echenhofer, Stanley Krippner, Sunil Ahuja, Stacey Starling


This intensive workshop explores four types of transformation: The transformation of discovery, the transformation of identity, the transformation consciousness, and transformation within organizations.

  Dr. Frank Echenhofer


Section #1: Using Spontaneous Imagery for Discovery and Creation - Dr. Frank Echenhofer

Spontaneous imagery experiences are central to discovery and creativity in spirituality, the arts, and the sciences. This workshop provides guidance from recent discoveries in neuroscience, aesthetics, and spirituality, to develop practical skills that facilitate creativity and discovery. In it Dr. Echenhofer applies skills personally learned in his study of Tibetan Buddhist meditation and South American shamanic journeying.

Dr. Stanley Krippner

Section #2:  Exploring Transformation Through Personal Myths, with Dr. Stanley Krippner

Dr. Krippner has led many people to discover how their personal stories have controlled their perceptions and actions. In this workshop he describes the four factors that influence personal myths: biology, culture, interpersonal experiences, and transpersonal experiences; and illustrate how to work with each. He also offers guidance in identifying, evaluating, and transforming dysfunctional myths, beliefs, and worldviews. Dr. Krippner will guide you to find the story that is living through you and to see that the greatest opportunity for personal transformation is precisely in the dysfunctional parts that are no longer working for you.

Sunil Ahuja

Section #3: Exploring the Growth of Human Consciousness, with Sunil Ahuja, M.S.I.A.

Human consciousness expands through multiple stages, first in the growth of the ego, then into an awareness of self as soul, on to integrate personal qualities of essence, and finally for some, into formless awareness. This workshop develops methods for transforming awareness, including Almaas’ understanding of how to release identification with ego and body, and experience identity with essence.

Stacey Starling

Section #4: Facilitating Transformation in Organizations, with Stacey Starling.

This workshop explores the positive potential of transformative learning in organizational life. Organizations change when people change. Given the notion that organizational culture is emergent and relational, this section is a conversation about being and becoming in organizational life.  The concept of social construction is applied to health care management teams in real life settings. "What is culture transformation?" will be discussed along with innovative thoughts about the death of ideas in agencies.

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Dr. Frank Echenhofer is a professor of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Working with the Dalai Lama’s guidance, he has conducted research on the EEG correlates of advanced Tibetan Buddhist meditators. He is also known for his EEG research on practices of shamanic journeying in the Brazilian and the Peruvian Amazon.  He is currently studying creativity and sacred visionary and kinesthetic experiences across spiritual traditions to develop ways to facilitate such experiences for healing, creativity, and spiritual growth.

Dr. Stanley Krippner is internationally known for his work in the scientific investigation of human consciousness, having written or co-authored over 900 articles and a dozen books on the topic, including Personal Mythology, Dream Telepathy, Dreamworking, and The Mythic Path. Dr. Krippner is past President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and the recipient of numerous awards. He is a living treasure in dream study and mind research and a pioneer in the field of transpersonal psychology.

Sunil Ahuja, M.S.I.A is a former native of the corporate world who is now a developmental coach and transformational facilitator. His passion is to help people become more aware of their own essence, individually and in their relationships. In addition to his degrees in engineering and management, he is certified in developmental coaching, in Spiritual Intelligence assessment, and by the Chopra Center and teaching the Avatar course. 

Stacey Starling, MTD of Core Consulting is a Ph.D. candidate in Transformative Learning and Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and an adjunct professor at Oakland University. She has certifications in Appreciative Inquiry in Positive Business and Society Change from The Weatherhead School of Management and Case Western Reserve. Stacey is a certified instructor of Whole Body Whole Brain Transformative Learning at the Hendricks Institute.