2008 TUCSON   

Some Photos from 2008



Dave Cantrell,

Biomedical Communications,

AHSC, UMC                   

                                           Psychosomatic Art

                                           Ana Iribas Rudín

                                           Dept of Painting, Complutense University,   Madrid, SPAIN
                                           Bodily changes from unconscious motivations

                     “Psychosomatic Art: Consciousness Speaks in Flesh”                                      

                                                                                           René Stettler, Curator, New Gallery Lucerne (L)    AI Rudin (R)


                                                                                                         Lee Sun-Don

The Third Patriarch of Buddhist Forshang and Professor of Fine Arts,

Peking University, Beijing, CHINA

                               “Totemic Energy Oil Painting – Understanding the Inner Potential”

                                                                                                                                        John Jen Kuo Chou 

Hello World

Margaret Dolinsky

HR Hope School of Fine Arts,

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN  USA

Iluminated Script